Cannabis Friendly Hotels in Amsterdam

Best Cannabis Friendly Hotels and Hostels in Amsterdam

If you plan on buying marijuana from a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, there’s a good chance you might want to grab some takeaway weed to enjoy back at your hotel. But due to the city’s strict regulations that prevent people from smoking in public places, this also means the vast majority of Amsterdam hotels and hostels are non-smoking too. All of these Hotels and Hostels are also nearby our own Smokeboat, which of course makes them even better!

However, there are a few exceptions. These cannabis friendly hotels and hostels know exactly why many travelers choose to visit Amsterdam, so they are more than happy to provide you with a dedicated area to smoke your weed freely without any drama. Check out our list below of the best cannabis friendly hotels and hostels in Amsterdam where you are allowed to smoke cannabis.

Bob’s Youth Hostel in Amsterdam

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 92, 1012 SG Amsterdam 

Bob’s Youth Hostel can be found just behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square on Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal street, within close proximity to a nice selection of marijuana coffee shops. This fairly inexpensive hostel provides an ideal place for travelers and tourists to indulge in Amsterdam’s diverse cannabis culture, without having to spend a lot of money on suitable accommodation. The communal smoking area at this hostel can be found in the lobby at the entrance of the hostel, where there is a bar that stays open until 3am, some board games and a television.

Hotel Uptown Rookies Amsterdam

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 147, 1017 PZ Amsterdam

Hotel Uptown Rookies is one of the cannabis friendly hotels, situated just a short walk from Leidseplein square where you can find an assortment of different bars and nightclubs. At this weed friendly hotel the smoking room is actually a ‘coffeeshop’ with the same name right next door. It sells a wide selection of Amsterdam’s finest cannabis strains and marijuana edibles. The Rookies Hotel and coffeeshop is a great place for expats, tourists and locals alike to chillout in a relaxed environment before hitting the nearby pubs and clubs for a crazy night out on the town.

The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel in Amsterdam

Vossiusstraat 46, 1071 AJ Amsterdam 

Flying Pig Hostels are well known in the backpackers circle. They’re a great place to meet fellow weed smokers in Amsterdam. The Uptown hostel is located in a quiet street right next to Vondelpark. Near the bustling areas of Leidseplein and Museumplein. They have a chillout area overlooking the park where you can relax on comfy lounge chairs, smoke some weed, drink alcohol and chat to fellow guests or staff without any worries.

The Flying Pig Downtown Hostel in Amsterdam

Nieuwendijk 100, 1012 MR Amsterdam

The downtown branch of the Flying Pig Hostel branch is located in the busy shopping district in Nieuwendijk. Just like the Uptown version, the Flying Pig Downtown also has a dedicated chillout zone. You can blaze up your favourite strain of cannabis, enjoy a drink and have chat with fellow guests and staff. They also have nice little outdoor terrace. It’s attached to the smoking area out the back, where you can soak up some sun while enjoying a smoke.

International Budget Hostel in Amsterdam

Leidsegracht 76, 1016 CR Amsterdam 

The International Budget Hostel is situated along a beautiful canal, just 300 meters from Leidse square. Their smoking area is a dedicated lounge room overlooking the canal. You can hangout in a relaxed environment and smoke weed with other fellow travelers. The whole setup and vibe of the smoking area resembles an ordinary living room found in any typical household.  It feels like you’re just visiting a friend for a social smoke, rather than being in a hostel.

St. Christopher’s Inn at The Winston, Amsterdam

Warmoesstraat 129, 1012 JA Amsterdam

St. Christopher’s Inn is conveniently located right next to the Red Light District. It provides the perfect place to stay for those wishing to experience all of the madness that Amsterdam nightlife has to offer. There is an adjoining nightclub which forms part of this hotel. Popular local DJs and bands play here regularly. They also have an excellent smoking room complete with a billiards table. As well as an outdoor garden terrace area for all guests to relax and enjoy a smoke.

Hostel The Globe Amsterdam

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 3, 1012 EH Amsterdam 

Hostel The Globe is located near the Red Light District, just a short walk away from Nieuwmarkt and Dam Square. With it’s central location close to the party zone of Amsterdam, it’s a great choice for those who plan on getting a little wild during their stay in the city. The smoking area is downstairs in the hostel’s restaurant and sports bar, where you can eat, drink and smoke marijuana while enjoying a few games of billiards or darts.

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