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Book your Smokeboat® Amsterdam

The original and first Smokeboat® in the world. est 2013


The Smokeboat departs from Oudezijds Voorburgwal 195, diagonally across Coffeeshop the Greenhouse in the Red Light District.

The price for a ticket is €26.-

Do note that Smokeboat Amsterdam handles a minimum age of 18 years. More information can be found on our about us page. Just want to go straight to booking?

Interested in a private tour? Nothing more relaxed than floating on the water and smoke a joint with just you and your friends. Smokeboat provides private tours to experience Amsterdam at its best! We have 4 boats with different capacities.

More information can be found on our about us page.

What Our Clients Say

Excellent4.7 Based on 1487 reviews from review us onClaire L.Claire L. ★★★★★ How did I not know about this for 10 years!Filippo T.Filippo T. ★★★☆☆ Bel esperienza fumare mentre si gira per i canali di amsterdam, però i vetri della barca erano tutti appannati, non si vedeva nulla al di fuori. Non penso che valga il prezzo spesoJacek MJacek M ★★★★★ Świetne miejsce ❤️‍🔥Richard O.Richard O. ★★★★★ Gabor O.Gabor O. ★★★★★ Tommy H.Tommy H. ★★★★★ Awsome experienceEricEric ★★★★★ Majestic trip at night along the canals! ... smoke ... and drink... in the dark - warm and dry against the rain pattering down on the roof... The boatsman was a cool Ukrainian who spoke English very well; he was in really high spirits! ... especially after, halfway through the trip, we offered him 20 Euro for another two cans of Heineken and insisted he keep the change. If the cost wasn't 26,- Euro, I'd go again; in fact, I'll likely go again anyway.Random 1.Random 1. ★★★★☆ BUFF B.BUFF B. ★★★★★ I initially thought this boat cruise was going to be touristy as anything. How wrong I was, met some lovely people on board & the tour guide that pointed out some of the sights also gave coffeshop & strain recommendations. The best way to see Amsterdam from a different perspective is on this boat, its also funny when you pass one of the non-toking boat tours & they all look so jealous seeing you having a smoke & they can't on their canal cruise 😂Anna G.Anna G. ★★★★☆ Es hat geregnet, weshalb wir absolut nichts durch das Kunststofffenster sehen konnten, da es durchgehend beschlagen war. Aber naja… das war ja auch nicht der Sinn des Smokeboats 😇Adam R.Adam R. ★★★★★ I thought the name of the boat was funny so I purchased a ticket. We boarded the boat and we sat in the back. The boat took off and a cloud of smoke drifted towards me from the other patrons on the boat that were sitting in the front. Within moments a feeling of relaxation overcame my senses and I began to see Amsterdam in a new light. Not sure what was in the smoke but it added to the ride. I give the highest amount of stars.Swen K.Swen K. ★★★★★ Perfekt für eine kleine rundfahrt auf dem kanal und ein bisschen zu rauchen. Gemütliche reagge musik und schöne liechter machen das ganze nur noch besser.Linda H.Linda H. ★★★★★ AH S.AH S. ★★★★★ So glad I booked this. Had a wonderful conversation with one of the guides. She gave me some very interesting insights on Amsterdam and what it is like to live there. It is quite a different view to see Amsterdam from the Canals, I enjoyed every minute ... will certainly book again when I visit next time!Would recommend to anyone looking for a chill experienceLouise E.Louise E. ★★★★★ Blissfully relaxing tour, very friendly people. Highly recommended.Lucien E.Lucien E. ★★★★★ Très bonne experience !Oui le capitaine ne décrit pas les bâtiments, mais ça ferai trop d'informations a écouter pendant un moment de détente donc c'est validé pour moi.C'etait 26€ avec une boisson offerte.La dame est accueillante, le bateau est propre et les coins visités sont beaux. Rien à dire je vous le conseille.Patricia C.Patricia C. ★★★★★ Balade sur le canal tout en pouvant fumerToppanagiotis D.panagiotis D. ★★★★☆ Andrei Alex. M.Andrei Alex. M. ★★★★★ SebaflecSebaflec ★★★★☆ Cest super a faire vraiment visite drs canaux damsterdam tout en detenteEnrico C.Enrico C. ★★★★☆ Tuba C.Tuba C. ★★★★★ Bubba KBubba K ★★★★★ Very nice and chilled boat trip, the driver was awesomejs_loader
Emmy h
Emmy h
23 January 2023
Lots of fun would recommend! Very good experience would definitely recommend if you enjoy smoking and want to have a boat ride in amsterdam. One of the best experiences I had. Lots of fun and the vibes were immaculate. They even had cute Christmas decor. Make sure you bring your own smoke !
21 November 2022
Amazing Absolutely amazing. Great experience the time flew past,definitely recommend! Can't wait to come back an do it again.
11 November 2022
Relaxed and nice atmosphere Very chill experience a must do when in Amsterdam I would highly recommend to do thisMore so for couples or friends group
7 October 2022
Great!!, a must do. Great hour spent on the smoke boat friendly crew and must say what a relaxed great trip so peacefull and such a great view aswell
franck f
franck f
12 June 2022
Belle balade Belle balade sur les canaux d’Amsterdam.En sirotant un bon verre et le reste.Pilote et hôtesse sympa .
Loren O
Loren O
29 May 2022
A definite must We had originally booked it for a Tuesday afternoon but due to a late flight we missed it. We were able to reschedule it for the following day with out any issues. Supper chill vibe and a great way to see around.

Why Choose Us

Experience Amsterdam’s architecture and history on a comfortable canal boat. Enjoy cannabis while taking in the sights.


Explore Amsterdam on a peaceful canal boat. Enjoy comfy seating, soothing music. Book now to escape the city rush and feel renewed. No information only relaxation.


Join our Amsterdam weed-friendly canal tour for a unique relaxing experience, while taking in breathtaking views, and create unforgettable memories. Book now!


Have fun with friends while cruising through the Amsterdam canals.


Experience the beauty of Amsterdam as you relax on one of our boats and enjoy the stunning sights!

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Our Tours

Welcome to Smokeboat® Amsterdam. The original and first Smokeboat® in the world, Anno 2013. This is the most relaxed canal cruise in Amsterdam for those people who want to see the highlights of Amsterdam while they get high. Drink a bit, smoke a bit, relax a bit on this non-pretentious one hour Smoke boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam. Our boat tours start in the heart of Amsterdam, in the red light district area.

Smokeboat Tour

Enjoying Amsterdam from the canals while smoking weed. Sounds like an Amsterdam dream, right?

In this tour we will sail around the city centre of Amsterdam and pass some main highlights. Sit back smoke your joint and relax.

26Per Person
60 Minutes
18+ Years of Age
Incl. 1 drink
Bring your own supplies*
No information, only relaxation
Free cancellation*